Is Your Event A Candidate For A Carnival?

Carnivals are perfect for those events that are at least three days or more.

Does your event have enough area for a Carnival?
  • The location is important. It is a visual draw to the location. The area needs to be in close proximity to the rest of the event. The area required depends on the amount of equipment needed for an event. Generally an area of 180' by 200' is required or a similar combination.
Will you have enough room to accommodate the Carnival and its support equipment?
  • Rides and attractions are just a part of the Carnival. There will be offices, service and maintenance equipment, employee living quarters as well as the vehicles that pull this equipment.
Is your Committee large enough to handle additional needs that will support and enhance both the carnival and your event?
  • The Carnival will provide you with Posters for Advertising purposes, Pre Sale Ride Tickets (that benefit both parties), portable facilities, permitting assistance and other needs that may be specific to your event. Usually the first year requires the most energy and assistance.
A quality Carnival is as beneficial to an event as the event itself. Carnivals have a tremendous drawing power and are a fun and unique way to raise revenues for your group.