Presale Ticket Programs


Please Note: No person's under 32" may ride mechanical carnival rides.  Each Carnival Ticket  Booth has a Measure Up flyer.  Should you have any questions or would like a copy of this flyer, please email us at
It's all about SAFETY!
  • Usually $20.00 depending on size of carnival.
  • Offers unlimited rides for any one person any one day of the event.
  • It is not transferable.
  • Tickets are redeemed at the
    Carnival Ticket Booth for the armband of the day.

10 Rides for $15.00

  • $15.00 per ticket.
  • Tickets are redeemed at the Carnival Ticket Booth.
  • Recipient will receive 10 special tickets
    (usually gold)
  • Rides require only ONE ticket per ride
    per person regardless of the number of tickets
    that are required by the rides' sign.

    Please keep in mind that our Policy requires that
    ALL persons who ride a ride must have the proper
    amount of tickets or an armband.

"It is the best Midway promotion that we have ever had.John Paul Lopez, Past Chairman, Fiesta De Amistad
Tolleson, Arizona

"We live in a community that has large families, these
Presale Tickets make it possible for every
family member to enjoy the Carnival."
Charlotte Duran, County Clerk, Mora, New Mexico

"This program is so simple"
Marc Riccitelli, Chairman, St Louis The King Fall Festival
Glendale, Arizona

* Please note that your event/fair may not take advantage of our Presale Ticket Programs *