The Moble Family Fun Center

The Mattfeldt Family Carnival "a Great Northern A'Fair", operates year round. Festivals, Fiestas, County Fairs and Privates Rentals are our specialty. We offer 7-12 amusement rides, 6-12 game/concessions, confections and traditional faire. Our clients are usually in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico & Colorado with special events in California & Nevada.

We are self sufficient and offer, marketing assistance, family amenities, uniformed employees, generator power, proper Insurance, and service, call us.

Some of our clients have included Super Bowl XXX, Air Shows, Campus Crusade for Christ, Mesa County Fair, City of Phoenix Cinco De Mayo and Fiesta Patrias, Safeway Stores.Inc., and more.

Look at us for packages that can be developed for your needs, we offer competent revenue requests. If you are looking for an answer, we returnĀ all calls.
a Great Northern A'Fair
Tim & Dana Mattfeldt
623 203 5565 or 623 225 5241