We offer wide ranging opportunities to suit yours & the customers needs:

  • Media - newsprint, radio, television
  • Posters describing Event, i.e., Locations, Name, Dates with coordinated graphics
  • Coupons for heavy discounts distributed through-out targeted areas
  • Tag us with your sponsors ads - we offer comp tickets and discounts
PRESALE tickets - so strong - Rain or Shine - they get their own Sub Page

  • Opportunities for Sponsor & Event Signage - Your Name 45' in the Air
  • Our movable Flag Stations with your Flags waving proudly
  • Our operators wearing & displaying your shirts or hats on designated days
  • Theme the Carnival Entrance with ideas, i.e., Great Falls Tribune presents:

Sponsor a Day Ride Promotions:
  • Buddy Passes, Family Day/Night, Military Days, Heritage Days, your ideas
  • Recieve Special comp passes, rest areas and similar

Rentals: Tired of backyard bounces and limited equipment ?
Our Equipment & Ideas are for rent !
  • We offer accessable Management teams, Fair prices & Solutions
  • Corporate & Private parties
  • Commercials
  • Television and Movies
  • National & City Events
Park Benches, Picnic Tables, Seated Rest Areas, Refuse Containers - What are you waiting for?
623.203.5565 or 623.225.5241